Is your cat misbehaving? Don’t worry I’m here for you!

Peeing on the bed, attacking legs, scratching chairs, making more noise than the kids, fights between your cats, pooing in front of the litter box and more..

Ask for help on time when a cat shows problem behavior to prevent escalation!

With a  Tinley behavioral therapist you are assured of a well-trained "up-to-date" behavioral therapist.

Because your cat is entitled to quality care!

I have completed an official study, am accredited by the SPPD (the trade association for animal behavior experts) and am affiliated with Tinley Gedragstherapie voor dieren. There are strict requirements for reimbursement through the animal insurance as a behavioral therapist, which must be met annually.

What does the cat want to achieve?

The answer to this question is the start of solving small and big problems.


  • While playing your kitten suddenly grabs your hand (or bare foot!) with claws out.

  • Your cat is peeing on your laundry, duvet or couch.

  • Your new sofa has big pickups.

  • You discover urine around the cat flap, your curtains or the front door.

  • Your cats are hissing, chasing or biting each other.

  • Your usually active cat is suddenly sleeping all day long.


How can I help you and your cat?

Finding the cause of problems can be difficult and requires a trained and educated eye. Cats can seem quite unpredictable.

People are often convinced of the causes, but are still unable to solve the problem. I see "the problem" as a puzzle. I need to find the pieces and put them in the right place (I love this process!).

To achieve this, I tend to ask you "a million" questions, some strange and seemingly incoherent.

It is fair to say in advance that the therapy sometimes requires a lot of effort for you as an owner, but we do it together!



  • Towards people
  • Towards cats
  • Towards other (domestic) animals

House soiling

  • Peeing outside the litter box
  • Pooing outside the litter box
  • Spraying


  • Of people
  • Of cats
  • Of other (domestic) animals
  • Some situations such as the vet
  • Some sounds such as thunderstorms

Disturbing and or unusual behavior

  • Restlessness and or alert
  • Scare
  • stressful
  • licking or plucking hair out
  • Tail hunting
  • Eating strange things like plastic or cardboard
  • Frequent and hard meowing
  • Demanding a lot of attention

Destroying your home

  • scratching furniture or wallpaper
  • demolish