Amber Hiensch

Graduated and working since 2008

Affiliated with Tinley Behavioral Therapy for Animals

What is the purpose of

the cat's behavior?

The answer to this question is the start of solving small and big problems.

Ask for help in time if your cat shows undesirable behavior to prevent escalation!

No "nagging" feeling during your absence, because you will receive an update daily (if desired).

I take care of your cat from a professional point of view and with my cat's heart.

What can I do for you and your cat (s)?

Finding the cause of problems can be difficult and requires a trained and educated eye. Cats can appear quite unpredictable and mysterious.

People are often convinced of the causes, but are still unable to solve the problem. I see "the problem" as a puzzle. I have to find the pieces and put them in the right place (I love this process!).

To accomplish this, I tend to ask you "a million" questions, some strange and seemingly unrelated.

It's fair to say in advance that the therapy sometimes requires a lot of effort for you as an owner, but we do it together!

It's all very sweet, cute and funny. Until;

    • Your four-legged kitten suddenly grabs your hand (or bare foot!) With it's claws out. 
    • Suddenly a puddle urine has been deposited on your clean laundry. 

    • Your new couch has been (badly) damaged.

    • You discover strong smelling sticky yellowish splashes around the cat flap.

    • Your one cat suddenly is hissing, hitting or biting at your other cat. 

    • Suddenly your active cat is only sleeping at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. 

    Behavioral therapy program, how does that work?

    Behavioral therapy consists of;

    A home visit, behavioral analysis, treatment plan and aftercare..


    • A behavioral consultation at home of 1,5 hours or a plus consultation of 2,5 hours at home (divided over 1 or 2 appointments).

    • Preparation by means of a questionnaire. You will receive this by e-mail or by post. You will also be asked to make some observations in advance.
    • A diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. This will be sent to you in a written report.
    • Consult with your vet if necessary.
    • A report to your vet.
    • Telephone aftercare / counseling for 3 months.

    Behavioral Therapy

    A behavioral therapy trajectory, including home visit, report and aftercare, depending on the type of consultation:

    € 185,- for a behavioral consultation

    € 290,- for a plus consultation

    Both amounts include VAT, excluding travel costs (you can discuss these in advance).

    Prevention advice

    This consists a one-hour home visit during which you immediately receive practical advice and can discuss your questions. The costs of a prevention advice are

    € 65,- incl. VAT, excl. Travel costs (you can discuss these in advance).

    Telephone advice

    After making an appointment, you will be asked to answer a number of questions and possibly make some observations. Additional questions will be asked during the telephone conversation
    and you will immediately receive advice by telephone about your situation. A telephone consultation takes 30-45 minutes. The costs are € 45,- incl. VAT.

    Why at home and why a professional?

    Cats are solitary and territorial, so most cats thrive best in their own familiar, predictable environment where the cat is in control.

    The main stumbling block in cats is the fact that they are as well predatory animals as prey animals, resulting in the masterly hiding of “physical defects” from moderate to very serious. Only an experienced trained and educated eye can tell when a cat is sick.

    It is nice that someone is watching your cat, who, in addition to a lot of hugs, also has an eye for details that tell you how 'really' is doing with your cat.

    Required skills with a wink;

      • Remove my poop immediately after I drop it.
      • Daily pets and massages in the right spots.
      • Throwing around my toys even if I just sit and watch you throwing.
      • Feed me my favorite food and treats every day whenever requested.
      • Make sure my returning boss can pay immediate attention to me when arriving by leaving the house clean.


      Our kitty's

      A visit with Roxy & Mimi

      How does the cat butler work?

      • Before you leave, fill in a questionnaire about your cat.
      • Before departure we make a key appointment at your home and I can meet your cat (s).
      • You will receive daily updates during your absence.
      • If your cat requires medical attention, I will always inform you immediately and take your cat to your vet as soon as possible. If your vet is not available, I will go to the Vondelpark veterinary clinic.
      • If you have a delay in returning home, please let me know as soon as possible in connection with the care for your beloved cat (s).
      • You let me know when you get home, that way I know that your cat will be taken care of!


      Once a day minimal 30 minutes € 15, -

      2 times a day for 30 minutes € 27,50


      Sundays and public holidays: 50% surcharge.

      Visit to the vet and additional extra care

      one-time € 50, -

      Introductory meeting, key handover, cleaning, cleaning the litter box, plants, mail, etc .: free.