Nutrition specialist;

Owners often ask me about the very best food for their beloved pet, both for healthy animals and for animals with a medical condition.

Every animal has its own personal nutritional needs and just like with humans there is no ready-made package (or brand) for every animal.

In addition, an animal also has an owner, with wishes and needs, possibilities and impossibilities.

My advice for your animal comes from a mix of the above data.


Most frequently asked questions and comments;

  • My dog is vomiting, do you have any easily digestible food?
  • My dog has diarrhea, is it wise to feed easily digestible food?
  • My dog is itching, should I de-worm?
  • My dog is itching, do you have a flea remedy?
  • My dog cannot tolerate gluten and proteins, which kibble can I feed?
  • My puppy chews on everything, do you have something it can chew on for a very long time?

"Let food be your medicine and not medicine your food".

~Hippocrates, 460 v.c.-377 v.c.~

Cat behaviour;

What can I do for you and your cat(s)?

Finding the cause of problems can be difficult and requires a trained and educated eye. Cats can come across as quite unpredictable and mysterious. Often people are convinced about the causes, but still aren’t capable of resolving the problem. I see “the problem” as a puzzle where I have to find the pieces and put them together in the right place (love doing this!).

To achieve this, I tend to ask you “a million” questions, some strange and seemingly unrelated. 

It is fair to say that it sometimes takes a lot out of you as an owner, but we will do it together!

It's all very sweet, cute and funny. Until;

  • Your four-legged kitten suddenly grabs your hand (or bare foot!) With its claws out. Read more about game & hunting behavior soon.
  • Suddenly a puddle has been deposited on your clean laundry. Read more about pee, poo & spray behavior (not complete yet!)

  • Your new couch has been (badly) damaged. Read more about scratching and territorial behavior soon.

  • You discover strong smelling sticky yellowish blobs around the cat flap. Read more about spraying and territorial behavior soon.

  • Your one cat suddenly hits, bites, blows or stares at your other cat. Read more about aggression soon.

  • Suddenly your active cat is only sleeping at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet. Read more about medical and stress behavior soon.


Behavioral therapy for cats is a process consisting of a home visit, behavior analysis, treatment plan and aftercare.
The entire process includes:

  • A behavioral consultation at home of 1.5 hours or a plus consultation of 2.5 hours at home (divided over 1 or 2 appointments).
    Preparation by means of a questionnaire. You will receive this by e-mail or by post. You will also be asked to make some observations in advance.
  • A diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. This will be sent to you in a written report.
  • Consult your vet if necessary.
  • A report to your vet.
  • Telephone aftercare / guidance for 3 months.


Effectiveness of behavioral therapy

The success or failure of behavioral therapy depends on various factors. First of all, the expertise and experience of a behavioral therapist is of course important. In addition, the following factors play a role:

  • the type and duration of the problem
  • the possibilities and wishes of the owner
  • adherence to therapy (faithfully following the advice)

Our experience is that a lot of undesirable behavior can be changed, completely or partially, while it is acceptable and liveable.

"That seemingly simple solution turns out to be the most difficult in practice"

~Johan Cruijff 1947-2016~

Cat sitter; 

No "nagging" feeling during your time away because you will receive an update daily (if desired).

I take care of your cat from a professional point of view and with my cat heart.

Required skills

  • Remove my poop immediately after I drop it.
  • Daily pets and massages in the right spots.
  • Throwing around my toys even if I just sit and watch you throwing.
  • Feed me my favorite food and treats every day whenever requested.
  • Make sure my returning boss can pay immediate attention to me when arriving by leaving the house clean.

How it works:

  • Before you leave you fill out some forms with inportant information about your cat.
  • Behore you leave I will come to collect your key and meet your cat.
  • During your time away you will receive daily updates through WhatsApp or email.
  • When your cat is in need of medical care I will always inform you directly and take your cat to your vet as soon as possible. If your vet is not available I will go to dierenkliniek Vondelpark
  • When you have a delay returning home, you will let me know as soon as possible in connection to the care of your beloved cat. 
  • You will let me know when you're back home, that way I know your cat is taken care of!

"A cat's function is to sit and be admired."

~ Georgina S. Gates ~

Therapy prices explained;

Animal insurance

If you are insured with animal insurance companies Petplan, Reaal, Ohra, Inshared or de Hema, the costs will be reimbursed, either in whole or in part, depending on your policy.

Telephone advice

After making an appointment, you will be asked to answer a number of questions and possibly make some observations. Additional questions will be asked during the telephone conversation and you will immediately receive advice by telephone about your situation. A telephone consultation takes 30-45 minutes. The costs are € 45.-.

Video review

This includes the following:

Observation of a video of maximum 10 minutes.
Discussion by email or phone (depending on your preference).
Direct insight into the behavior of your cat.
The costs of a video assessment are € 45.-.

Prevention advice

This consists of a one-hour home visit during which you immediately receive practical advice and can discuss your questions. The costs of a prevention advice are € 65.-  excl. Travel costs (you can discuss these in advance).

Behavioral Therapy

A behavioral therapy trajectory, including home visit, report and aftercare, depends on the type of consultation:

€ 175.- for a behavioral consultation

€ 265.- for a plus consultation

Excluding travel expenses (you can discuss these in advance).



Cat sitting (prices incl. VAT)

€15,- for one visit per day (up to 3 cats).

€27,50 for visits twice a day (up to 3 cats).


  • Sundays and public holidays: 50% surcharge.
  • Visit to the vet € 50, -*
  • Introductory meeting: free.
  • Key handover: free
  • We do not charge extra for additional tasks. (Such as cleaning the litter box completely, taking care of plants / mail, changing trash bags, etc.)

*(Any additional visits, care or attention are included in this price!)


Therapy (prices incl. VAT)

€45, - telephone advice

€45,- video review

€65,- prevention advice

€175,- behavioral therapy

€265,- behavioral therapy plus


Our kitties;


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