The foundation of a cats territory

It is important that the territory meets the cat's needs, thereby you achieve a sense of security, control and predictability. Some sources are hardly or not used, but the cat knows where to find the source if necessary. Thus, each source has an important function in the territory, together they form an essential foundation.

The golden rule

The number of cats + 1 is the golden rule regarding resources in your home, the territory of the cat;

Scatter resources throughout the house, there is no point in placing them all in one room, the cat then considers them as one source.


  • Litterboxes
  • Food bowls
  • Water bowls
  • Scratching poles
  • Sleeping places & hiding places
  • Toys

In a multi-cat household, you place sources so that they are accessible from two sides, so that cats cannot keep each other away from the source by blocking access or enclose each other at the source.

Sleeping, hiding, walking around and running.

  • Create (high) hiding places or sleeping places in different rooms, preferably in rooms where you spend a lot of time yourself. Get to know the cat's preferences, does the cat usually lie on the floor, on the couch or rather on the closet? You can make high places accessible by, for example, attaching a shelf to the wall. A towel is acceptable as a place to sleep on.
  • Place (put) next to favorite sleeping places a cardboard scratching board or sisal scratching pole. Before and after sleeping, cats like to use them.
  • Set up a water bowl for your cat near sleeping places.
  • With a cardboard box you create a hiding place and sleeping place for the cat. From a closed cardboard box, cut out a circle on two sides that function as an entrance and exit.
  • Pull the sofa a bit off the wall and you create an extra walking route in the house that may also be used as a super race track.
  • Keeps doors in the house open, this increases the feeling of predictability and controllability.
  • Make sure there is at least 2 meters distance between litter box and food and drink bowls.

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